Dr. Kemp is a man of science who remains busy throughout the day in his studies. He is a very simple man with flaxened hair and is preparing for fellowship exam of Royal Society, London. He shows lack of interest when informed about the presence of the stranger in his home town. He enters his room & observes strange happening over there. Before he could understand anything, he is startled by a familiar voice. Griffin, who enters his house stealthily, opens up in front of him and takes him to flash back when they both used to study together in University, College London. Even after a lot of convincing, Dr. Kemp fobids to believe in his invisibility. He does not believe till he is given couple of blows by him. Later Griffin shares all his issues with him and seeks his support to succeed in his mission. Dr. Kemp discloses all his weakness and ways to catch him with Colonel Adye but fails to get a hold on him. Griffin escapes which leaves Dr. Kemp trembled. In the end, Dr. Kemp manages to escape from his house when attacked by Griffin. He takes masons’ help to kill him and finally succeeds in his mission. In nutshell, Dr. Kemp plays as protagonist in this novel.

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