Never Be a Pessimist (Negative) – A story

Once there was a lady who had to go abroad on her business trip.  She was in hurry, therefore she drove to airport hastily. Due to that, she had to skip her breakfast so she decided to keep a packet of biscuits in her handbag so that she could eat one or two in case she needs something to eat. She reached the airport in time and started waiting in the lounge. While she was sitting over there, a well-dressed, good-looking man came and sat beside her. He seemed to be highly educated and as if he were a the CEO of a multi-national company. Probably, he too,was waiting for his flight. The lady lifted a biscuit from the packet and started munching it without even asking the man (sitting beside her) if he was intersted in eating. The man also picked up and started eating it. The lady was amazed to see the awkward response of his picking up the biscuit without even asking. She gets infuriated but the man smiles at her. She picks up another biscuit, and thinks that if this man picks up another, she will stand and smash his face. But to her surprise, the man takes one more biscuit which makes her mad of a kind. She looks at the man but he responds with a smile. Now she gets filled with anger, and waits for one more time to see whether the man repeats the same but the same thing happens again. She stands up, lambasts the man calling him an ill-mannered and vulgar. She even tells him that she suspects him of being educated and keeps on shouting at him but the man once again smiles at her an goes to take his flight. She(murmuring) leaves too to take her flight. On taking her seat, she takes her cell phone out of her handbug to put it on flight mode but, to her surprise, she finds the packet of cookie in it.

Then she realises her mistake that she was eating from his packet, not he was eating from hers. She regrets of talking to him like that and feels too embarrassed. 

She learns a lesson that we should not be a pessimist and very judgemental until we get to know the reality.


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